Peter was shocked as the bit of pancake in Tony’s mouth proceeded to laugh across the room and hit one of the glass doors with a bang. A moment passed, feeling like forever, where Tony and Steve shared a look. 

Peter came to the realisation in his head that they were about to have the impending break up talk in which they would tell Peter he was forbidden to see Wade again for reasons such as:

1) He isn’t good enough for you.
2) He’s bad news.
3) He is too much trouble.
4) He blew up a children’s hospital.

In Wade’s defence, that last one was an accident. Mostly.

So imagine Peter’s surprise when his parents started laughing hysterically. He ran a hand through his messy brown hair, casting his gaze to the floor as Tony pounded his first against the counter, struggling to breathe.

"Peter" Steve said, wiping a tear from under his eye. "Son, if you’re happy with someone, then we’re happy for you"

Peter snapped his head up, a small smile forming. “Really?”

"Of course" Tony stood, a paper towel in hand, wiping syrup from around his mouth. "But let him know, if he hurts our boy, he’s gonna have hell to pay"

Peter’s smile grew again, wider and wider until he was sure his mouth was going to split, but he didn’t care.

His dad’s were ok. They were happy for him. He couldn’t have asked for anything more. He ran up to them, capturing them both in a hug at the same time, before grabbing his backpack and skateboard and running out.

"No skating in the lobby again!" Tony called after him, but he didn’t care.

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